Edda Sweden wants to work FOR sustainable development and a land that we can proudly hand over to our children, a world where we all / many want to contribute to common values. 

We hold and participate in activities, events and dialogues that beyond the struggle gather strength and creates direction FOR that which protects and promotes the relationship to all life on earth. Activities that build bridges between different people, perspectives and cultures. 

In different ways, we focus and strengthen care and determination - motherhood - in leadership and implementation in the activities, dialogues and gatherings we arrange or are invited to.

Edda Tribe holds the: The European Grandmothers Councilmeeting in Sweden in June 2022

Council meeting open dialogueprocesses and workshops on the theme of LIFE resting on The Female Principle pillar for how to be care taking for the all life on earth.

Topic for the Conference is: LIFE

Booking participation in the Conference will be possible in january 2022 (if the CV19 allows travelling to Sweden).